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Reducing Your Cost of Quality

Quality, operations, and engineering professionals know that quality failures decimate production capacity and profits — yet ironically, convincing senior management to prioritize and fund quality control initiatives is not easy.

Register and learn the hard-hitting facts about controlling Cost of Quality (CoQ) and open others’ eyes to the true Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ). Rally your Quality team to drive profits — even in recessionary times.

Through a concrete and updated CoQ model, informative explanations, and illustrative examples, ASQ Quality expert Denis Devos will deepen your understanding of the Cost of Quality metric and help you express savings in hard dollars. You will leave with a plan to reduce your CoQ and position your department for success in 2023.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The frequently missing value in CoQ calculations & why you need it
  • How to quantify the pay-back potential of quality initiatives
  • Ways to measure conformance, prevention, appraisal, and failure costs
  • How to destroy the hidden cancer: (lost) opportunity costs
  • Practical tips for reducing your Cost of Quality - with a plan of attack!


Denis J. Devos, P. Eng., ASQ Quality Expert

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