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Don't Be Haunted - Use Intellect's eQMS to Survive Audit Horrors.

They creep up behind you, they are what go bump at night, they haunt you in your dreams... Can you survive the horror of audits? Come learn some killer tips about audit survival. Don't let ISO 17025-2017 spook you out! We have several treats in store… learn about doc control and CAPA, customer complaints that send a shiver down your spine, and so much more is brewing. Don't become a Franken-Lab! Watch a science experiment and a case study unfold before your eyes. Join us if you dare!

Guest Speaker: 

Michele Hoppenrath

Former Senior Director of Quality Assurance, Corporate Quality and Operations at Silliker/Mereiux NutriSciences

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We are very happy with being able to develop custom applications that fit our business needs for both mobile and web, as well as tweaking the out-of-the-box applications, without needing programming experience.
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Director, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance
ION Geophysical
This software has endless compatibility with other existing software programs. Like most software, much of the work is on the front end and we are still establishing our "live" site. However, any function, feature or scenario we have come up with and the Intellect software has been able to provide multiple ways of accomplishing the task.
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Regulatory Compliance Manager
Klean Kanteen
A powerful workflow platform to get approvals and access to key quality documents. Pre-configured apps that are easily customizable to meet a wide range of business needs.
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Director of Quality & Reliability

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