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Intellect Ambassador Program

Get Rewarded By Giving Your Friends The Gift of Quality. 




Intellect is in search for enthusiastic Ambassadors to promote our product. If you enjoy communicating with people both online and offline (and making easy $$$), we invite you to join our program. Read more below to find out if our program is the right fit for you! 



Being an Intellect Ambassador provides many benefits. 


Intellect Ambassador Benefits
$2,500 per referral that becomes a customer
$100 for any referral that completes a discovery call
$100 per joint webinar
$25 for any Intellect Ambassador you refer and joins the program


Intellect Credit Program
For individuals or organizations who cannot receive monetary rewards, an Intellect credit in the same amount listed above will be provided and redeemable for future Intellect products and services.






How do I become an Intellect  Ambassador? 
Your application must be approved by Intellect, start by filling out the form below 
Possess a passion and network for Intellect products and services, QMS software and digital transformation
Complete an online tutorial of Intellect products and services
Work with Intellect to create your personalized web page for your referrals

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