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Case Studies

Microbac Customer Success Story

Microbac Laboratories, the largest family-owned third-party testing company in the U.S., overcame operational hurdles by adopting Intellect's cloud-based QMS. Facing fragmented data and manual processes, Microbac's Senior VP, Ashley Malchow, championed a shift to Intellect for its extreme configurability and modern interface. The results were transformative—audit efficiency soared, staff embraced the user-friendly system, and external stakeholders applauded faster and cost-effective audits. The investment in Intellect paid off with benefits like transparency, increased automation, and improved accountability, setting the stage for future innovations and app developments.



Winnebago Customer Success Study

Winnebago Industries, a leading RV manufacturer, struggled with manual processes and limited visibility. Seeking a game-changing solution for their quality management systems, Tae Banack, the visionary Quality Systems Manager, led the way. The problem was clear: outdated workflows and fragmented information. The solution? Intellect's no-code platform, offering flexibility, scalability, and seamless mobile integration. With 18 implemented apps, including Supplier Qualification and CAPA, Winnebago underwent a paradigm shift. Real-time data and streamlined processes translated to enhanced supplier performance and organizational accountability. Intellect not only met Winnebago's needs but opened doors to endless possibilities. The journey continues as Winnebago plans to expand with Intellect, revolutionizing employee training and suggestion programs. 



ORIC Pharmaceuticals was established inORIC Pharma Thumbnail 2014 with a bold vision of Overcoming Resistance In Cancer.  As an FDA regulated company, ORIC is required to maintain strict controls with respect to quality management andemployee training. Like many rapidly growing startups, they initially developed their QMS processes around spreadsheets, paper documents, sharednetwork folders, and other manual systems. Unfortunately, those processes quickly grew unwieldy, wasting significant time and leading to considerable frustration among the company’s employees.



Fluid Metering Finds Their Flow with Intellect QMS

Fluid Metering, Inc. (FMI) manufactures metering pumps and dispensers for OEM, Medical, Laboratory, Analytical, Industrial Process, and Environmental Services applications. When Nazia Khan joined FMI as their Regulatory Affairs Manager in 2015, she found that the company cared deeply about quality, but they lacked the kind of agile, flexible processes and tools that could support them in delivering
consistently on that commitment, and in doing so efficiently. For Khan and her colleagues, flexibility and configurability were paramount. That’s why, when they first saw a demo of the Intellect QMS platform, they loved what it had to offer.



Klean Kanteen Automates Global Processes with Intellect QMS

Klean Kanteen is a family- and employee-owned manufacturer of stainless steel bottles, food solutions, accessories, and sustainable lifestyle products. When Joshua Birkle, Director of Engineering, Quality & Project Management, first joined Klean Kanteen, he was quick to identify elements of the company’s business processes that were wasteful and time-consuming. Each month, employees would spend days collecting and organizing reams of quality data that had been sourced manually. Birkle set out to replace those processes with an automated QMS system that could work seamlessly for every employee across the company’s globally distributed workforce. After a thorough vetting process, the team at Klean Kanteen decided on the Intellect QMS platform.



AeroSafe Global's Quality Manager with no coding experience enhanced 9 apps and built 12 of their own using Intellect's No-Code Compliance Platform to automate quality processes.

AeroSafe Global provides the most reliable, simple, and sustainable temperature sensitive supply chain solutions to the world’s leading biopharma companies. They describe themselves as “customer obsessed” which makes quality matters to them and drives their strategy in all aspects of their QMS. In 2018, David Falzarano joined AeroSafe Global as a Quality Director. As he is responsible for ensuring continual quality improvements, Falzarano wanted to help the company take its quality programs to the next level. As he started his search, he was impressed by the good reviews he read about the no-code and user friendliness features and wanted to learn more. They chose Intellect QMS, enhanced 9 apps and built 12 of their own to automate quality processes.



BP Aero: Replacing Spreadsheets, Shared Emails, and Phone-Tag with Intellect's No-Code QMS

BP Aero is a full-service provider of aircraft engine teardowns, repairs, parts & accessory overhauls, and field service. Given the nature of their work, BP Aero takes quality very seriously, striving for a zero-defect culture and proactively designing streamlined processes that minimize paperwork and eliminate errors. In 2019, BP Aero’s Director of Quality Control Kristen Orlando was tasked with identifying QMS software that could help the company take its quality programs to the next level. BP Aero began to ramp up their search for a QMS tool that could adapt to their unique business needs. As BP Aero got to know the strengths and weaknesses of each QMS product, their final decision was to adopt Intellect QMS.



Vornado: Taking No-Code Compliance Software Beyond QMS

Industry: Consumer Electronics Manufacturing

Vornado, like all companies, had unique needs and they weren’t willing to settle for an inflexible QMS system that would force them to adapt their business processes to fit the software. Then, Vornado found Intellect QMS. Read this case study to learn why Vornado selected Intellect as their QMS and how Vornado discovered the power and flexibility of Intellect's No-Code Compliance platform, leveraging it to create their own custom apps to solve other problems unique to their organization.



Infinite Electronics: Managing 700 Policies and Procedures with Intellect QMS - A Case Study with Smart Quality Automation

Industry: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

As a global supplier of electronic components and cable assemblies, Infinite Electronics serves engineers in defense, government, industrial manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, and consumer electronics. In essence, anyone with a need tied to electrical connectivity is in the market for its products and superior technical support. Intellect’s basis in the cloud made it simple to incorporate into Infinite Electronics’ domestic operations. To support Paullin’s staff in China, Intellect set up a platform with a user interface for Mandarin speakers, allowing Infinite Electronics to streamline operations across the globe.



Gilero: Managing Multiple FDA Regulated Sites with Intellect

Industry: Medical Device Manufacturing

Gilero was founded in 2002 to design and develop medical devices. Over the past five years, the North Carolina based company has expanded its offerings to include manufacturing services. It now has locations across the globe. Gilero built its quality system in 2011. At that point, its operations were paper-based, manual, and highly complex. As the company expanded to new locations, that complexity grew — as did the amount of time needed to manage it. Gilero’s new eQMS solution will ultimately increase the company’s efficiency and accessibility to information. 



Olly: Achieving Healthy Growth with Help from Intellect QMS

Industry: Nutraceuticals, Nutrition, and Wellness

Since its 2014 debut, OLLY’s assortment of gummy vitamins, supplements, and healthy snacks have helped it become a respected name in the nutraceutical space. But in 2017, the company needed help. In Intellect, OLLY looked for a platform to help bring those processes into focus. Intellect then helped transition OLLY from an email-based system to a cloud based system with minimal disruption to its existing business. The transition took a lot of time and energy, but the benefits made it



Merieux NutriSciences:  Replacing Paper-Based Binders and Training Materials with Intellect's No-Code QMS

Industry: Food Safety & Laboratory Service Provider

Mérieux NutriSciences is dedicated to helping companies worldwide find practical solutions to today's food safety, quality and nutrition challenges throughout the supply chain. The company was challenged with a paper-based document system. It prompted them to look for an off-the-shelf solution that helped them eliminate manual paper-based processes.




White Papers

AI-Powered Quality Management

In this whitepaper, Intellect explores how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing Quality Management Systems (QMS). From the evolution of QMS to highly configurable, cloud-based solutions, the paper highlights practical AI applications within Intellect's QMS platform, enabling efficient document management and real-time reporting. Emphasizing data security, the paper assures users of confidentiality. Intellect's AI-powered QMS stands as a cutting-edge solution, ensuring organizations stay ahead with enhanced efficiency and continual improvement in quality management.



Does Your QMS Comply with 21 CFR Part 11

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance ensures that companies and organizations implement good business practices by defining the criteria under which electronic records and signatures are accurate, authentic, trustworthy, reliable, confidential, and equivalent to paper records and handwritten signatures on paper.



Strategic Focus: Why and When Firms Should Tie EHS and Quality Together?

Download this white paper conducted by Verdantix, an independent research and advisory firm and learn:

    • - The immediate results firms encounter when coupling EHS with Quality management processes
    • - Which types of firms will benefit most from integrating environment, health and safety, and quality (EHSQ) 
    • - Intrinsic benefits firms see across their value chains when tying EHS and Quality together


Download White Paper  

White Paper: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing EH&S Software

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) software is a centralized place for your company’s safety program management. While using one application, you can keep track of your government regulatory compliance, manage important health and safety data, and continuously make improvements. EHS is adopted by many organizations, if you are curious as to how it helps you save time and money while also keeping your organization on the right track in terms of quality, this paper is for you. In the following pages you will find out why EHS software saves money and helps in maintaining a safe workplace and a healthy environment. We will help in guiding you to the choice of software that best fits your organization. Furthermore, we will also cover the cost of business, the potential issues you may face, and how to resolve those issues.

Download White Paper  

White Paper: Complete Guide to Saving Time and Money with ISO 9001

In today’s complex global business environment, more customers than ever before are insisting that suppliers comply with established standards for quality, security, sustainability, and other key priorities. Large corporate buyers want to know that the vendors from whom they source products and services can deliver consistently high quality, and that their business practices are aligned to globally recognized standards. Perhaps the most recognizable of these is the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems. Download this white paper to know more about ISO 9001 and how it helps saving time and money.



White Paper: Complete Guide to Building an Effective CAPA Plan 

When faced with an issue, you will need a well-built and effective CAPA Plan. CAPA is a corrective and preventive action plan. It is a quality management strategy used to identify systematic issues to solve and ensure that reoccurrence is unlikely. If you have a production, manufacturing, distribution or testing industry you will need a CAPA Plan. In this paper, you will find your guide to help you build the most effective CAPA Plan. It is easy to implement and allows you to spend less time solving issues that occur as well as save money.



The Complete Guide to EHSQ Success

Why is EHSQ Important? A successfully implemented EHSQ system ensures safety at the workplace, prevents incidents, reduces the chance of injuries, and minimizes environmental accidents.

This Guide outlines six important steps to follow as you select and implement the perfect EHSQ solution.


Why You Can't Miss Out on Industry 4.0 and the New Quest for Quality

Powered by Internet of Things-reliant devices and web applications capable of processing unprecedented amounts of data, this is a revolution that will touch every industry and seismically shift the way we live, work, and interact with one another.



How Smart Quality Automation is Powering a New Generation of QMS Leaders

The business landscape is changing, and marketplaces across various industries are becoming more rigorous than ever.
From medical devices and pharmaceuticals to dietary supplements and wellness products, there’s a greater focus on quality management to ensure consumers are protected from unsafe products and practices.




Buyer Guides

ROI Guide | Making a Case for Modern QMS

Struggling to get buy-in from key decision-makers for a Quality Management System (QMS) investment? Our latest guide offers step-by-step advice on building a compelling business case, highlighting the hidden costs of poor quality and the true ROI of a robust QMS. Learn how investing in a high-quality QMS like Intellect can save costs, boost productivity, and ensure compliance. Don’t let outdated technology hold your organization back—discover the real value of a top-notch QMS today.



QMS First Time Buyer's Guide

The QMS First Time Buyer’s Guide by Intellect is an all-inclusive guide to understanding, sorting, evaluating, and picking the best QMS solution for your business whatever the industry is. From the reason why you should buy a QMS solution to the questions you should ask during a QMS demo and the top benefits of no-code platform, Intellect’s QMS first time buyer’s guide is worth reading. After reading our guide you will be able you to choose the right QMS that will ensure compliance, increase financial performance, reduce costly errors, improve customer satisfaction and much more. It will help you as well automate, facilitate, and simplify your quality management process the best way, so you become an empowered quality leader.



How a QMS Can Lower Insurance Premiums

Understand the financial benefits associated with quality management systems (QMS); namely, the reduction of risk and the associated cost savings on insurance premiums.




OSHA Inspection Preparation Checklist

OSHA Certified Safety & Health Officer can sur­prise you with an inspection at any time and in any establishment of your organization. You are rarely given an advanced notice of an inspection visit from a CSHO. Therefore, it is so important to be always ready and have the people, poli­cies, and procedures in place. This checklist document will help you be ready for an OSHA inspection and ensure that any inspection you may face goes without any risk of discrepancies and fines.



Intellect Apps Checklist

Shopping for a QMS? Download Intellect's apps checklist and get a quote on those that matter most.




Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Software

Intellect’s Environmental health and safety (EH&S) software acts as a data management system for capturing, storing, and analyzing information related to occupational health and safety, waste management, and sustainability. It aims at reducing operational risk and improving health while attaining sustainability goals. EH&S software is mainly used by businesses to maintain regulatory compliance. EH&S software is crucial in highly regulated industries in which compliance standards are high, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, or mining. Read this brochure to know everything about Intellect’s EH&S Software Solution from Apps and relevant QMS Apps to features and benefits.



Build or  Buy QMS Software?

The QMS build vs. buy decision-making hinges on the value a company sees in building and owning a custom QMS and the cost of ownership over the QMS's lifecycle versus the
ease of using a quickly deployable and proven QMS solution that can be customized.



An Overview of the Intellect eQMS Suite

At Intellect, we’re fanatical about compliance! The Intellect eQMS Suite is a comprehensive, integrated and ready-to-go suite of quality management applications built on our Intellect Compliance Platform. Go beyond simply achieving compliance, deliver better business performance.



How Intellect Meets FDA Requirements

Download our brochure and learn how Intellect meets specific FDA Requirements. Intellect’s hyper-adaptive Quality Suite lets you leverage regulatory and standards compliance into improved business results.



How Intellect Meets ISO Requirements  

Download our brochure and learn how Intellect meets specific ISO Requirements. Intellect’s hyper-adaptive Quality Suite lets you leverage regulatory and standards compliance into improved business results.




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