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Supplier Risk Webinar - Kevin Posey - Intellect

Managing suppliers can be challenging due to fluctuating quality, frequent supplier changes, process alterations, production disruptions, material shortages, and communication issues. These complexities are compounded by an array of regulatory and compliance requirements, making supplier risk a bear to manage, even for experienced quality departments.

ASQ Instructor Kevin Posey, MBA, RAC will guide you through practical steps, tools, and strategies to minimize risks associated with your suppliers. He will introduce his proven risk assessment criteria and, drawing on 30+ years of experience, help you reframe your supplier assessment approach to improve product quality, on-time deliverability, customer satisfaction, and, importantly, increase profitability.

Learning objectives:

  • Establish specific criteria for evaluating both supplier and product risks
  • Shift from a matrix-based to a criteria-based approach to risk assessments
  • Cultivate a culture that's consistently aware of and proactive about risk
  • Improve quality outcomes and positively affect profitability
Note: this is not an official ASQ-sponsored webinar. 

About the Speaker:  Kevin W. Posey, MBA CMQ/OE

Director of Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, and Clinical Affairs
at Monogram Orthopedics; Active ASQ Instructor since 2009

kevin posey headshot inCircle With over three decades of international experience, Kevin Posey's expertise spans quality management, product development, manufacturing, and regulatory approvals across sectors like medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, aerospace, mining, and industrial equipment. He earned his Aerospace Engineering degree from the University of Texas and an MBA in international business from Penn State.

Kevin has co-authored two books from Quality Press: The Executive Guide to Innovation and The Supplier Quality Professional Handbook. Kevin has held key positions within ASQ, including Chair roles for the Audit Division, and is a founding member of its Innovation Division. Additional certifications include CQA, CBA, CMQ/OE, and RAC-Devices from RAPS.

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