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Register for Beyond Traditional Root Cause Analysis Webinar

The cost of an ineffective Root Cause Analysis ranges from thousands to millions of dollars. Rushed RCAs often result in symptoms or secondary causes being identified rather than the real root cause. Why, then, are many Quality professionals still wasting time using outdated or inadequate methodologies to uncover hidden causes? Is there a way to dig deeper?

Join popular ASQ instructor, Lead AS9100D Auditor, and respected RCA expert Dani Picciotti as she summarizes knowledge from 25+ years leading progressive quality management initiatives: RCA is not one-size-fits-all. In under an hour, move beyond traditional RCA with her thought-provoking approach to determining the right methods to use in every situation. Gain insight into how to reduce scrap, rework, & downtime and cut back on warranty & recall costs, from her fresh, thorough, and statistically proven approach to Root Cause Analysis.

Register and move beyond traditional root cause analysis. You'll learn:

  • Various problem-solving models to analyze problem situations more effectively
  • Which tools to choose based on the frequency of your problems
  • Why you must go beyond the traditional 5 WHYs and explore the use of the Logic Tree and other tools to expand your field of view for potential causes
  • How to create flowcharts that provide process insights into where the problem occurred
  • The art of uncovering hidden causes

Since RCA is cross-functional,  invite your Quality, Ops, and Production teams. Even if you can't attend, register and we'll send the video replay and slide materials.

Speaker:  Daniella Picciotti, ASQ Instructor and President of QMS Alliance

Dani P headshotDaniella Picciotti, ASQ Instructor and President of QMS Alliance has over 25 years of progressive management experience leading quality and mission-assurance organizations within industrial, aerospace, and nuclear industries, including several Fortune 500 companies. She is process-focused with a strong background in collaboration and continuous improvement, driving value-added activities for strategic results. Daniella has worked with ASQ in developing course content and delivering training for over five years with consistently high participant feedback. She is also a certified ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Lead Auditor.


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