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Data Quality Reliability - Intellect Webinar with Chad Smith


Improving measurement systems - and by extension, plant floor data quality and reliability - promises an enormous payoff. Why? Misleading data leads to the very things you’re fighting to eliminate: production errors, defects, unplanned downtime, NCs, and unnecessary maintenance costs. To compound the problem, data quality has a hidden ripple effect on customer trust and business growth, making it one of the costlier, unobvious problems that manufacturers face. 

In this engaging session, CI expert and Master Black Belt Chad Smith likens our measurement systems to a good set of glasses - how smudged or scratched are yours?

Chad will share his expertise, insights, and strategies beyond the conventional Gauge R&R. His multi-faceted approach to building the right measurement systems has already helped many quality and operations leaders make clearer decisions, benefit from efficiency gains, and lower costs. Register (it’s free!), gather your teammates, and bring some fresh ideas to your plant floor.

Set aside one hour to learn about:

  • 360° ramifications of measurement systems, data quality and reliability: why we should care more, complain less, and how to start fixing our production and quality data today
  • Proven methods to improve measurement systems that go beyond traditional GR&R techniques
  • Why measurement systems can be no better than the flip of a coin - and what you should be doing about it

About the Speaker  
Chad Smith, ASQ Fellow, CI Expert, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Chad Smith has 27 years of Continuous Improvement experience across various sectors, including retail, manufacturing, refining, high-tech, and food, leading process change and product improvements at major companies such as Tyson, Ernst & Young, Anheuser Busch In-Bev, ASQ, SpaceX, and Black and Decker.

Known for driving significant results. Reduced a Fortune 100 company's worker's compensation costs by 60% and eliminated waste for an emissions tester in NE Oklahoma, amounting to nearly 10% of their annual revenue.

Certified as an American Society for Quality (ASQ) Six Sigma Master Black Belt (#8) and Six Sigma Black Belt (#4615). Named an ASQ Fellow in 2015. Past-chair of the ASQ Master Black Belt Exam Review Committee and the ASQ’s Six Sigma Forum advisory council.

Philosophy and Leadership Style: Emphasizes servant leadership and the principle of (GI)^2 ("Give it and you will get it") in his approach to leading culture change.

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