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Guerilla Tactics webinar Steve Gompertz


Mavericks, change agents, disrupters. These leaders with unwavering convictions drive organizational change and inspire others to raise their commitment to quality. The secret they all deploy? Guerrilla Tactics for Quality Leaders!

With the guerrilla tactics you’ll learn from this webinar, the goal isn't to crush or slash your teammates but to convert them, along with everyone else, to support and spread your culture of quality. Not just to talk the talk, but to walk the walk. Your goal should not merely be to implement a new process, system, or requirement, but to win over hearts and minds so that everyone truly engages in the change.

Some quality & operations professionals are hindered by the false notion that they need permission to lead change. The old saying goes, "Ask for forgiveness, not permission." The guerilla tactics approach is about making change happen without waiting for permission and without jeopardizing your career. As in guerilla warfare, the goal is to avoid head-on confrontations with the "enemy," avoid detection, and achieve objectives without the other side necessarily being aware that you're succeeding. Quality guerillas learn to use this approach masterfully, and now you can, too!

This workshop introduces methodologies to raise the quality bar in your organization without permission and without jeopardizing your career. 

Attendees will learn to:

  • Introduce new concepts subtly, without anyone realizing that they're learning them ("hide the vegetables")
  • Create non-intimidating quality metrics to foster a culture of continuous improvement
  • Simplify documentation for better understanding and compliance
  • Apply the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Quality Leaders to make change stick

About the Speaker  
Steve Gompertz (CMQ/OE, CMDA, RAC-US, CMII)

Steve is a leader in Quality Systems management with over 30 years of experience in the medical technology industry. His career includes roles in quality systems development and implementation, project management, engineering automation, configuration management, audit, and software development for companies including Pelican BioThermal, St. Jude Medical (now Abbott), Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Vital Images, and Control Data. He is now a consultant to the medical technology industry providing guidance on quality systems and regulatory compliance.

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University
  • Certifications in quality management, medical device auditing, regulatory affairs, project management, and configuration management.
  • Senior Adjunct Instructor in the "M.S. in Medical Technology Quality" program at St. Cloud State University.
  • 2023 Society for Quality Assurance (SQA) Distinguished Speaker
  • Charles W. Britzius Distinguished Engineer, Awarded by the MN Federation of Engineering, Science, and Technology Societies (MFESTS).

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