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Intellect & NetSuite


Connecting the World’s Most Configurable

Cloud QMS and ERP Solutions



QMS and ERP Software Working Together

  • Continuous improvement, high quality and compliance of products and services is critical now more than ever. Market leaders recognize quality as everyone’s responsibility and have built a culture of quality company wide. The common practices are multidisciplinary; product design, process management, supplier quality management, customer involvement, strategic planning, cross-functional training, etc. This focus enables companies to deliver innovative products to market much faster and safer.
  • Intellect is a leading cloud Quality Management System (QMS) software provider. Gartner and G2 recognize Intellect as one of the world's most intuitive and configurable QMS software solutions. Intellect QMS 4.0 is a robust, comprehensive, and integrated suite of out-of-the-box QMS applications. Built on the Intellect No-Code Compliance Platform, Intellect QMS customers benefit from extreme configurability, advanced workflow, integration, and analytics and reports on quality data for smarter decision making.
  • The Intellect/NetSuite integration provides the smooth transfer of transaction(s) from NetSuite to Intellect. In addition, Intellect offers open API's and web services to enable bi-directional data transfer.

Key Benefits

Establish quality processes and compliance


Significant reduction in data entry times

Increase transparency of manufacturing processes

Identify and control risk exposures with received transactions used to generate Device History Record (DHR)

Increase tracking and tracing transactions as they are used in quality investigations and data driven decisions

Implement policies, procedures, and best practices in order to be "Always Audit Ready"

Reduce data entry and avoid human errors

Data driven decisions about manufacturing and production based on customer complaints, feedback, and nonconformances

Access quality and manufacturing production data in real-time


The Integration in Action

  • The Intellect to NetSuite Integration allows clients to retrieve any NetSuite SavedSearch (NetSuite Report). The results are returned to Intellect using Web Services and the Intellect configurer creates macro statements to specify where the data will be stored in Intellect.
  • Integrates with NetSuite’s Token Based Security
  • Can be configured to initiate from Intellect through user action or scheduled macro
  • Works with NetSuite Saved Searches created from any NetSuite record type
  • Uses Paging to optimize performance
  • Intellect can receive any transactions via workorders, sales orders, and purchase orders under built-in Saved Searches or custom Saved Searches
  • Transactions will be used to control and manage DHRs (Device History Records) in Intellect

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Netsuite Intellect Integration



How it Works

Connecting the World’s Most Configurable Cloud QMS and ERP Solutions

Device History Record

Transactions (Work Orders, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, etc.) via SavedSearch feature will come to QMS
DHR status can be used in Complaint Mgmt and Nonconformance investigations


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Document Control

Accessing production data in real time
Establish quality processes with ERP data and setup


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Supplier Management

Supplier certifications
Supplier qualifications
Supplier corrective action


Supplier Console

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