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Intellect Tenures


20 Years of Success

As part of our celebration of 20 years of success, we decided to recognize our employees who make it all happen.  Our employees are dedicated to deliver on our vision, to empower any person in any company to continually improve, automate and grow their business.
In recognition of our employees over the years, Intellect rewards employees based on their tenure and contribution to Intellect and our customers.

Intellect Tenure Levels


Intellect Maestro

In recognition of over 5 years of contribution
✓ Deep knowledge of processes, product and company/culture
✓ Demonstration of innovation in your role
✓ Incorporation of values and culture



Intellect Sensei

In recognition of over 10 years of contribution
Contribution and impact towards the whole company
✓ Demonstration of leadership in your role
✓ Mentoring colleagues and customers to become successful



Intellect Guru

In recognition of over 15 years of contribution
✓ Your expertise and knowledge
✓ Industry expertise that goes beyond the company
✓ Proven leadership in your role




Intellect Sage

Earned Based on Proven and Exceptional

✓ Inspirational Leadership
✓ Industry Evangelism
✓ Embodiment of the Culture