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Intellect EH&S

Chemical Management

ensure the use of proper
compliance by controlling the procurement,
storage, and handling of chemicals.


Minimize chemical accidents and improve
overall safety.

Intellect’s Chemical Management application enables organizations to establish a formal process to control chemical risk by approving the chemicals and evaluating the potential hazard prior to arrival onsite. Intellect has created a default chemical approval form adopted from industry standards. The Chemical Management workflow helps to automate and streamline the check and balance process.

Chemical Mgmt 2

Automate the chemical approval process


Intellect EHS Benefits

✓ Minimize excessive or replicative chemical
✓ Reduce downtime by ensure chemicals are
safe prior to procurement.
✓ Reduce the possibility of having expired
✓Determine root cause and recommend
corrective action in the CAPA.

Chemical Mgmt 2


Chemical Management involves many parties of the organization, R&D, production, procurement, EH&S, and facilities. Intellect’s Chemical Management application provides a complete, easy-to-use, and fully integrated solution to plan, assess, track, and manage chemicals. The solution tracks each workflow activity and streamlines every steps.

Chemical Mgmt 1


Most organizations don’t track new chemicals arriving onsite and their process is completely reactive. It is common to findmmiscellaneous chemicals throughout a facility. This process lacks traceability and increases the risk of having accidents. Intellect’s Chemical Management application automates and tracks the entire process, from procurement to disposal.

Chemical Mgmt 2