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Intellect EH&S

Incident Management

Ensure best-in-class workplace safety,
prevent future reoccurrence, and avoid
operational disruptions.


Reduce safety and environmental incidents
and avoid regulatory violations.

Intellect’s Incident Management application enables organizations to establish a formal process to track and collect critical information, notify the appropriate people, enable immediate action, guide investigation, determine root cause, and assign effective corrective action to prevent future reoccurrence. The workflow helps to automate and streamline the process which includes necessary controls to ensure general requirements are met by your organization.

Chemical Mgmt 1-1

Ensure transparency of incidents and reporting process.


Intellect EHS Benefits

✓ Helps organizations improve their environ
mental performance through efficient user
of resources and managing environmental
✓ Minimize environmental impacts resulting
from the operation.
✓ Increase awareness for all around
environmental aspects and impacts.
✓ Enable user friendly application for both
desktop and mobile access.

Incident Mgmt 2


Incident Management and root cause analysis involves many parties of the organization. There are many moving parts and can exposure the organization to operational risk and business disruption. Additionally, improper handling workplace injuries could lead to complex worker’s compensation cases and lawsuits. Intellect’s incident management application provides a complete, easy-to-use, and fully integrated solution to record, investigate, and analyze incidents. The solution tracks and streamlines every step to ensure compliance and foster a positive EH&S culture. Intellect helps to route information to the right person in real-time and shorten the reaction time following an incident.

Incident Mgmt 1


Most organizations use homegrown systems and spreadsheets to manage incidents and investigate root causes. These systems lack visibility and efficiency, prone to human errors and improper injury case management. Intellect’s incident management application automates and streamlines the entire process, from data collection, notification, OSHA classification, follow-up, escalation, and incident investigation.

Users can track, add, review information from any device, at any time.
The system helps to overcomes bottlenecks, send automated email notifications and reminders that drive accountability and task completion.

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