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Intellect EH&S

Job Hazard Analysis

Utilizing the JHA will provide a framework to analyze the work activities by breaking it down step-by-step.


Capture and monitor existing and potential hazards at the workplace.

Intellect’s Job Hazard Analysis application enables organizations to establish a formal tool to assess its work activities or processes to identify, control, and eliminate potential hazards. Intellect has created a default assessment form adopted from the manufacturing industry standards. The JHA workflow helps to automate and streamline the process which includes necessary controls to ensure general requirements are met by your organization.

Job Hazard Analysis

Ensure transparency of risks and hazards.


Intellect EHS Benefits

✓ Prevent incidents and injuries by eliminating or controlling hazards.
✓ Establish continuous improvement for
optimal workplace safety with smart dashboards to make data driven decisions.
✓ Enable user friendly application for both
desktop and mobile access.

✓ Automate process flow to escalate high risk/hazard through CAPA process.


Intellect EHS Benefits


Job Hazard Analysis involves many parties of the organization, both from the assessment itself to the implementation of additional controls. A Job Hazard Analysis done correctly can eliminate hazards, engage workers, and bring hazard awareness. Intellect’s Job Hazard Analysis application provides a complete, easy-to-use, and fully integrated solution to plan, assess, and analyze work activates/ processes. The solution tracks each workflow activity and streamlines every steps.

Job Hazard Analysis


Most organizations conduct JHA using a
homegrown spreadsheet. The spreadsheets are only accessible on the computer and paper is used during the JHA assessment. Actions items are often left untouched and understanding the risk level requires the user to open individual spreadsheets. This traditional process lacks
efficiency, and accountability.

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