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Intellect EH&S

Waste Management

Formal management system used to identify waste streams, track the collection and disposal of waste materials, and maintain in compliance with hazardous waste regulations.


Minimize waste disposal resulting from the operation.

Intellect’s Waste Management application enables organizations to establish a management system to determine their waste generator status and waste streams, track the generation and disposal of waste, and maintain compliance. The established workflow helps to automate and streamline processes to improve efficiency and reduce overall cost.

Waste Mgmt 1

Ensure transparency of environmental risks and hazards.


Intellect EHS Benefits

✓ Helps organizations improve their environ
mental performance through efficient use
of resources and management of environmental
✓ Track on-site waste storage duration and
consolidate pick-up time.
✓  Minimize environmental impacts resulting
from operations.
✓ Enable user friendly application for both
desktop and mobile access.

Waste Mgmt 1


Waste Management involves many parties of the organization, R&D, production, procurement, EH&S, and facilities. Intellect’s Aspects & Impacts application provides a complete, easy-to-use, and fully integrated solution to identify, track, and plan for proper collection and disposal of waste. The solution tracks each workflow activity and streamlines every step.

Waste Mgmt 2


Most organizations use excel spreadsheet for their waste streams, a printed log for the generation, and a routine pick-up schedule. The traditional method is inefficient and risky for errors. Intellect’s Waste Management application automates the entire process and ensures compliance.

Waste Mgmt 1