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The chemical industry introduced the first formal EH&S management approach in 1985 as a reaction to several catastrophic accidents. Since the 1990s, general approaches to EHS management that may fit any type of organization have appeared in international standards that have been formulated to guide and evaluate corporate conduct towards the environment.

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software is a technology companies use to manage all their regulatory compliance, enterprise risk, and corporate sustainability data and activities. An EHS software system helps companies save time, reduce risk, and prevent unwanted events.

EH&S software is mainly used by businesses to maintain regulatory compliance. EHS software is crucial in highly regulated industries in which compliance standards are high, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, or mining.

After succeeding in creating one of the best QMS solutions in the market that met many businesses needs and helped the grow, Intellect knew that EH&S is also highly needed to ensure ultimate business success.

About Intellect

We are a specialized QMS solutions’ provider with 20 years of success and experience in the industry. Read our Story

We operate in many continents of the world, and we offer the most configurable enterprise Quality Management Software (QMS) that empower both businesses and people.

• Businesses:
To create a culture of quality
To succeed in their digital transformation,
To achieve compliance,
To deliver better results

• People
To implement a culture of quality
To innovate

No matter the industry whether manufacturing, or medical devices, or pharmaceutical, or labs, or nutraceutical, or services & logistics, or government, or cosmetics, or cannabis, or F&B… no matter the kind of processes involved, our no-code QMS platform adapts to the needs of its users, enabling our customers to easily build customized processes tailored to their needs while ensuring their processes conform to the compliance challenges they face.

Our Vision and Mission:

We worked hard throughout the past years, and we are still in work to achieve our vision and mission, that revolves around businesses and people.

• Vision statement

To empower any person in any company to continually improve, automate and grow their business.

• Mission statement

To offer a user-friendly, no-code development platform with industry solutions that provide businesses the power to grow and establish a culture of innovation, quality, and compliance.

Our Values:

Our employees, of all levels, share the same values that bring us closer to achieve our vision.

• Collaboration and Teamwork
Be helpful, build trust and transparency, communicate openly, provide constructive feedback, and be respectful.

• Customer success
Innovate, be process driven and customer focused

Take initiative, fail forward, learn, and drive decisions with data

• Have Fun
Celebrate, appreciate, and create the environment we want

Discover what Intellect’s no-code QMS platform can do for your enterprise and see how meeting your compliance challenges are made easier with Intellect.

Intellect EHS:

Intellect’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) software acts as a data management system for capturing, storing, and analyzing information related to occupational health and safety, waste management, and sustainability. It aims at reducing operational risk and improving health while attaining sustainability goals. Download Brochure to know more.

If you are considering a QMS Software, read Intellect’s EH&S first-time buyer’s guide. It is an all-inclusive guide to understanding, sorting, evaluating, and picking the best EH&S solution for your business whatever the industry is. From the reason why you should buy an EH&S solution to the questions you should ask during a demo and the top benefits; Intellect’s EH&S first time buyer’s guide is worth reading. After reading our guide you will be able you to choose the right EH&S that will ensure compliance, increase financial performance, reduce risks, improve customer satisfaction and much more.

You can also have a look at Intellect’s pricing and plans.


EH&S Apps and relevant QMS Apps:

Intellect’s Environmental health and safety (EH&S) Apps are divided into two, the EH&S Core Apps and the EH&S Complete Suite.


EHS Dashboard
Intellect’s dashboard is one-stop source which provides full traceability and track ability on records to report real time status. Dashboard application is designed to provide various view depending on the user’s access level, location, and department. Glance views are designed for senior level team members to review KPIs on relevant objectives or business process.

Incident Management (OSHA and TRIR Reporting)

Intellect’s incident management application enables organizations to establish a formal process to track and collect critical information, notify th e appropriate people, enable immediate action, guide investigation, determine root cause, and assign effective corrective action to prevent future reoccurrence. The workflow helps to automate and streamline the process which includes necessary controls to ensure general requirements are met by your organization.

Job Hazard Analysis

Intellect’s Job Hazard Analysis application enables organizations to establish a formal tool to assess its work activities or processes to identify, control, and eliminate potential hazards. Intellect has created a default assessment form adopted from the manufacturing industry standards. The JHA workflow helps to automate and streamline the process which includes necessary controls to ensure general requirements are met by your organization.

Inspection Management

Intellect’s inspection managementapplication enables organizations to establish a formal process to plan future inspections, assign inspectors, track findings, escalate and notify leadership, determine underlying issues, and recommend corrective actions. The workflow helps to automate and streamline the process which includes necessary controls to ensure general requirements are met by your organization.

Environmental Management (Aspects & Impacts, Chemical and Waste)

• Intellect’s Aspects & Impacts application enables organizations to establish a formal process to control assess and track operation activities interacting with the environmental. The established workflow helps to automate and streamline the assessment and track additional controls for organizations looking to reduce their overall risk level.
• Intellect’s chemical management application enables organizations to establish a formal process to control chemical risk by approving the chemicals and evaluating the potential hazard prior to arrival onsite. Intellect has created a default chemical approval form adopted from industry standards. The chemical management workflow helps to automate and streamline the check and balance process.
• Intellect’s Waste Management application enables organizations to establish a management system to determine their waste generator status and waste streams, track the generation and disposal of waste, and maintain compliance. The established workflow helps to automate and streamline process to improve efficiency and reduce overall cost.


EH&S Complete Suite:

1. EH&S Core Apps

Refer to the previous section

2.Audit Management
Intellect’s audit management software reduces risk by enforcing consistent and harmonized processes and procedures while securely managing all information in a centralized, scalable, and reliable system. It also enables organizations to prepare for audit related tasks and activities, to ensure everything complies with regulations and compliance requirements.

3.Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPAs)
Intellect’s CAPA application enables organizations to establish and maintain procedures to collect information, analyze information, identify, and investigate product and quality problems, and take appropriate and effective corrective and/or preventive action to prevent their recurrence. The workflow helps to automate and streamline the process which includes necessary controls to ensure general requirements are met by your organization.


4.Document Control
Intellect’s document control software organized all documents into a centralized database, and tracks all document versions, revisions, and approvals to address regulations and compliance. It provides the industry’s most robust and flexible workflow to address any unique quality process requirements. In addition, Intellect’s document control enables users to revise documents, seek approvals on changes and see a full trail of who approved what, when and where.

5.Employee Training

Intellect’s employee training software creates a single interface to develop and manage organizations’ training initiatives. It keeps employee certifications and related skills up-to-date and available in once central location. As new employees enter the system, they can be assigned tasks based on skill level while integrating this information into other Intellect QMS software module.

6. Risk Management

Intellect’s risk management is an important approach to managing risks. It provides a central system for capturing, addressing, and communicating all risk related activities and documentation. It also helps improve your product development, reduce product recalls, and consistently manage risk and compliance.


Key Features:

Performance Indicators

It provides reporting of key performance indicators through which you can estimate and measure your organization’s safety performance.

Notifications and Alerts

Custom alerts and priority wise alerts set within the system can allow the users to prioritize and ensure compliance as per the situation.

Real Time Data & Reporting

Customizable dashboard that suits all needs. The dashboards can provide real time data on performance for accurate insights at all times.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Intellect’s EH&S Software can be easily accessed. If you cannot reach you device for any reason, you can access it through your mobile, tablet, and other internet enabled device.


Intellect’s EH&S software can work as an individual solution or combined with quality management (QMS) software. EH&S software often integrate with ERP systems and QMS.


Less Human Error

A lot of the work done by health and safety professionals is around reducing human error. Intellect’s EH&S helps you reduce human error in your company by delegating responsibilities to a digital assistance.

Easier Legal Compliance

Legal compliance can be challenging to achieve but in health and safety, it is very important and can be costly if not done effectively. Intellect’s EH&S software system will help you digitize the process allowing for documents and data to be retired remotely and instantaneously, making legal compliance easier.

Easier Reporting

A lot of the day-to-day work for health and safety professionals is around the reporting of incidents and risks in the workplace. Intellect’s EH&S software helps you streamline this process by automating certain aspects of the report and allowing for them to be filled quicker.

Better Productivity and Time Saving

Intellect’s EH&S software will help take care of every day’s tasks and report filling which will give health and safety professionals more time to focus on the activities that they really feel are going to drive change in the business from an EH&S perspective.

All of the above-mentioned apps are built on the Intellect Compliance Platform. The latter enables users to build new business applications to automate virtually any business, and non-programmers to develop forms, workflows, and reports that are an exact match with their business need while being compliant with FDA Regulations, ISO Standards and EU Regulations.

In this regard, you can benefit from reading OSHA Inspection Preparation Checklist.

A sneak peek of “OSHA Inspection Preparation Checklist. OSHA Certified Safety & Health Officer can sur­prise you with an inspection at any time and in any establishment of your organization. You are rarely given an advanced notice of an inspection visit from a CSHO. Therefore, it is so important to be always ready and have the people, poli­cies, and procedures in place. This checklist document will help you be ready for an OSHA inspection and ensure that any inspection you may face goes without any risk of discrepancies and fines.

You can also read “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing EH&S Software” White Paper.

A sneak peek of “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing EH&S Software” White Paper: Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) software is a centralized place for your company’s safety program management. While using one application, you can keep track of your government regulatory compliance, manage important health and safety data, and continuously make improvements. EHS is adopted by many organizations, if you are curious as to how it helps you save time and money while also keeping your organization on the right track in terms of quality, this paper if for you. In the following pages you will find out why EHS software saves you money and helps in maintaining a safe workplace and a healthy environment. We will help in guiding you to the choice of software that best fits your organization. Furthermore, we will also cover the cost of business, the potential issues you may face, and how to resolve those issues.

Intellect Center of Quality, Centre of Excellence:

Intellect is not limited at providing software solutions but went further and became a reliable reference with high level resources that every and each person can rely on. Whether quality managers, employees, business owners, CEOs, students…you refer to Intellect’s Centre of Excellence enrich your knowledge on everything quality.

Intellect publishes weekly blogs around culture of quality, organizational culture, and software solutions. It also publishes comparative articles highlighting different QMS providers.

You can find topics such as:

Webinars & Events:

To achieve its goal of promoting a culture of quality, Intellect organizes monthly webinars and a yearly event called Innovate to discuss various quality topics, launch new products and touch base with customers, partners and whoever interested in quality. All webinars and events are also available on demand.