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Data IQ & Analytics Connector (1)


Learn how Intellect's eQMS can transform your quality and operations reporting in just 30 minutes. Experience the simplicity of setting up advanced BI tools with a direct connection to your QMS that simplify how you access, analyze, visualize, and share manufacturing data without needing to code or be a rock-star report designer. 
  • Gain insights into utilizing quality and operations data for strategic decision-making

  • Effortlessly create and share reports and dashboards

  • Learn to identify variations and root causes with customizable charts and statistical tools for informed decision-making


Even if you're not actively in the market for an eQMS, take half an hour to stay on top of manufacturing reporting trends and understand what your competitors are likely doing with their data that you're not!

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Data IQ™ & Analytics Connector: Productive Strategies for Finding, Mining, and Analyzing Data