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How to Build a COVID-19 App with Intellect’s
No-Code Compliance Platform

Innovate with Intellect’s no-code compliance platform! You can easily build any business application to meet your unique business needs efficiently and in no time.Join us in this on-demand webinar to learn how to build a COVID-19 Daily Health Screening Mobile App with Intellect’s No-Code Compliance Platform. Watch a demo on how MedBio, a full-service medical contract manufacturer, uses a COVID-19 web and mobile app to keep their business going during the pandemic. During this webinar, you will learn more about:

Why build a COVID-19 web and mobile app for tracking COVID-19 data
How simple it is for employees to submit their health status daily
What features Managers and HR can leverage for keeping employees safe
What are the benefits of COVID-19 app for employees and employers

With Intellect’s no-code compliance platform, you can build custom business application like MedBio’s COVID-19 Daily Health Screening app! Guest Speakers:

Jennifer Drewniak
Jennifer Drewniak

Med Bio
Quality Engineer

Peter Hargittay
Peter Hargittay
CMO and VP of Business Development



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